Mainstay In Action

The welfare of adults with a learning disability and/or Autism is at the heart of Mainstay DRP’s work. There are numerous conditions and syndromes that can be defined under the umbrella term ‘learning disability’ or ‘Autism.’
As a result, the level of care and support needed is always assessed on an individual level taking into account their social surroundings. The charity works tirelessly to improve the quality of life of learning disabled people.

Learning Disabilities

A learning disability was once known as a ‘mental handicap’ – a term which is no longer used. The disability can be caused by a number of factors such as incomplete brain development during pregnancy, complications during birth or in early childhood development.
A learning disability is life long. The degree of disability will vary greatly from person to person and can depend on the severity of a particular condition or syndrome.
Some children will need assistance as they get older during feeding, dressing and toileting times. Other children can grow up to lead fairly independent lives, however, they develop the skills required to look after themselves at a slower rate.

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People with Autism, who have verbal communication, have said that the world to them is a mass of people, places and events which they struggle to make sense of and which can cause them considerable anxiety.

While all people with Autism share three main areas of difficulty - verbal communication, social interaction and imagination - their condition will affect them in very different ways and to widely different degrees. This depends on both the degree of Autism and the level, if any, of an associated learning disability. 
Some people are able to live relatively 'everyday' lives. Others will require a lifetime of full time support and care - these are the people Mainstay DRP supports and cares for on a daily basis.

At the severe end of the Autistic spectrum, they have the added complication of severe learning disabilities and other complex medical conditions such as epilepsy.

With very limited communication or no speech at all, they have no understanding of the people and environment around them or recognition of potential dangers.
Adults with autism cared for by Mainstay DRP are totally dependent on the service the charity provides for their individual care and welfare needs.