Cumulus Heights Residential Services

No 3 and 5 - Respite Care

Recognising the need for parents and carers to have a break from the often stressful daily routine of looking after a person with a severe learning disability, a respite care service was developed by the charity to provide additional support to the family unit.  A service very much in demand, Mainstay DRP’s aim is to provide a memorable, fun-filled stay for those availing of respite.  

Two replacement respite services increases capacity and significantly improves the environment in terms of both size and safety. Each new building also provides an emergency bed, which will be used to respond to family emergencies.

No 4 - Residential Home for 11 people

As these residents have become older, they have developed mobility difficulties. Over the years, Mainstay DRP has adapted the accommodation with changing the use of downstairs rooms to bedrooms, installing a stair lift etc. However, the older buildings did not lend themselves to further adaptation, and with real regret Mainstay DRP have had to move some long term residents to other homes, which has caused a great deal of heartbreak for the resident, their families, other residents and staff. With our new state of the art home at No 4 we no longer have to do this.





Day care

No 1 - Day Care

Pottery, woodwork, hands on horticulture lessons and computer studies are just a few of the numerous skills development activities devised as part of Mainstay DRP’s day care facilities in

Building 1.  Day care services have been expanded bringing together the services under one roof, enhancing both the variety and the range of activities which can be provided, offering greater choice to clients. There is also more focus now on promoting client community inclusion outside of the service.

Ardcora Supported Housing

Mainstay DRP is continually looking at ways to improve services and to meet the changing needs and expectations of service users.  The Ardcora supported service was established following the review of the service Mainstay provided in a large residential home for people with Autism which highlighted that it was no longer meeting the longer-term needs of residents. The starting point was a long process of consultation and planning with service users and their families, the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Supporting People and Triangle Housing Association. This strong and robust partnership helped guide the plans and build momentum and the search began to identify appropriate houses in the Downpatrick area, which would meet the often very complex needs of the service users and enable them to become active members of the local community.

The Ardcora supported housing service now provides tenants with the support they require to live in their own home and to actively participate in the local community. Additionally, person-centred support programmes encourages tenants to build self-confidence and capacity, and to become more independent in all areas of their life. Tenants take responsibility for their own household tasks but like everyone else find the time to socialise, visit friends and family, and enjoy shopping trips as well as range of other social activities. Ardcora supported housing service provides housing support for 24 tenants with learning difficulties and autism.

Rathdree Supported Housing

The Rathdree Supported Housing service was opened in 2000 and currently provides domiciliary care and support for adults who have autism and learning disabilities. 

Domiciliary Care is provided by Mainstay DRP in a main house and two bungalows, owned by Triangle Housing Association and a two bedroom flat, owned by Mainstay DRP.

Rathdree Main House, can accommodate 4 Tenants and is intended to meet the needs of adults who have autism, learning disabilities who require a lot of support to promote their independence. This is a large detached house which sits in its own grounds. It is located towards the town centre, within clear view of the surrounding town and countryside.

Three modern bungalows accommodate 10 Tenants between them and are intended for adults who have autism and learning disabilities and have similar needs. They also have beautiful views of the mountains and are located in a residential area within the town centre.


Iniscora Residential home provides accommodation for 9 residents. The Home is registered with Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority.

Mainstay DRP is committed to providing high quality services to all residents’ service users and their families.  Our primary role in Iniscora is to provide a comfortable, secure and, homely environment where each resident is treated as a unique individual who has the right to choice, civil rights, dignity, respect, security fulfilment, privacy, equality and independence.

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