Adrian Ghosh has been the registered manger  since 2018 with in Mainstay,  Adrian was welcomed to mainstay family back in 2014 where he started working in our Respite Services.

Adrian showed passion and enthusiasm and has worked his way up to a senior position. Adrian having previously worked in Domiciliary and Nursing care continually striving to provide person centred care to a variety  of individuals from frail and elderly and  living with dementia and also with a learning disability. Adrian will spend his day in and out of the office and as a familiar face to the individuals we support, ensuring they are participating and stimulated within their community.

Adrian’s future goal is to ensure there is a thriving Supported living service, reaching out to all communities so that individuals can live a fulfilled life with as much independence as possible.

“I’ve had the privilege of working within mainstay, providing person centred care to each individual, I’ve worked in every service and have enjoyed it more and more each day. Mainstay has opened up many opportunities through personal development and I extremely thank full for that”